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Resalatul is best in 10 meter air rifle

Newsg reporter October 19, 2017, 17:05:30

  • Resalatul is best in 10 meter air rifle

Risalatul Islam of Narayanganj Rifle Club has been the best in the 10m Air Rifle at National Shooting.

At Gulshan Shooting Complex, on Wednesday, Risalatul, who scored the best of 249.44, got rid of Rubel Hossain (243.44) of the Navy's Shooting Club.

Rabiul Islam of Narayanganj Rifle Club (248.8) was the first in the junior section of this event. Jamiul Khan (243.44) of BKSP shooting club has the second.

Shakil Ahmed of the Army Shooting Association scored 542 in 50m Free Pistall,  has been the best. Anwar Hossain of the same team with 535 points.

Shakil won 10m air pistol gold Sabbir Al Amin of Army Shooting Association (522) has been the best in 50 meter free pistol junior category. Shariful Islam of the second team with 520 score

National Shooting Team, the team champion Army Shooting Association with nine gold, silver and 14 bronze medals including 32 champions. BKSP Shooting Club has runners up with 10 gold medals including three gold, two silver and five bronze.

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