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Mushfiq's Nagin Dance's Mystery

Chanchal Rahman March 11, 2018, 15:41:15

  • Mushfiq's Nagin Dance's Mystery

After winning the match against Sri Lanka, Mushfiqur Rahim showed a lot of frenzy in front of Thesara Perarra. At the same time, the right-hand batsman started the nagin dancing like a cobra raising both hands. His video has already become popular among the fans.

Normally, after getting wickets, Nagin Dances can be seen in Bangladesh's young spinner Nazmul Islam Apu. Mushfiq did the same after winning the toss against Sri Lanka on Saturday. Already the video has been viral through social media.

After winning the match in Bangladesh tour, Sri Lanka gave Nagin Das to one of the bowlers Mushfiqur Rahim and Nazmul Apu. Mushfiq also gave a reply against the Sri Lankans on Saturday, with Nagin Dance. It was known from Mushir's teammate and reliable sources.

Mushfiq is not he the owner of nagin dance, after taking wickets, Nazmul Islam Apu does it. Mushi has copied this spinner. Tamim Iqbal told in the press conference on Saturday that nothing more. Meanwhile, he did not forget to praise Mushie for the great innings. "It's my best innings to see me. What do u say If we were to go out a little earlier then we would say that if Bangladesh won, it would have been better to play the whole match. But he also won the match with responsibility. I will say less to him. '

Mushfiq led the side from the front with a 215-run target in Sri Lanka in the Nidhaus Trophy. The right-handed batsman scored 72 runs off 35 balls with the help of Bangladesh's victory. That's normal. Because, in 2016, in the Twenty20 World Cup, against the India very close to winning the team showed a lot of mischief. But on that day he had lost his first one-run win and he had to burn him. So, on Saturday, she expressed her outburst of anger.


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