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Bangladesh is playing for NIDAHAS Trophy final today

Sports Reporter March 18, 2018, 12:25:10

  • Bangladesh is playing for NIDAHAS Trophy final today

India is under pressure in Nidhaus Trophy final. There are fears but there is more hope than that. That's why Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan wants to see the whole team uninterrupted. He said this at a press conference on Saturday.

Shakib thought it was important to do well in the final. His teammates have yet to reload. If it can be kept up to the end, Tiger captain hopes for the best. 'We are trying to stay as relaxed as possible and have an open mind. It is very important to be free to do well in Twenty20. Pressure is considered as pressure; and do not worry if you do not. I'm sure everyone has a lot of flexibility. '

"If you can hold it till tomorrow (matches) then we will have a lot more chance to do well," said Shakib. Hopefully, nobody will take any kind of pressure. Just concentrate on the game and try to keep the process right.

Bangladesh has been the winner of the four stages final but Tigers have been frustrated every time. But to remove it, Shakib's mantra is free from the pressure. 'Everyone's mentality is not the same. Not everyone's thoughts are the same. (Psychological barrier) may affect someone, and do not leave anyone. I hope you do not have any influence on anyone. If we do not do that, then we will be more likely to do well. If we think of the final match, pressure matches if we play against India, a lot of big matches, then the pressure is actually. Without thinking of them, one team will compete with those who do well, they will win ... so that should be kept in mind. "

Nidhas Trophy final India Shakib is like it. He is not keeping himself behind. His attention towards playing good cricket. Ultimately, if it could do the right thing, the Tigers However, it will not be possible to reach the desired goal.


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