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Sakib’s eye on trophy

Sports Reporter March 18, 2018, 12:26:36

  • Sakib’s eye on trophy

Bangladesh's primary goal in the Nidhas Trophy was to get into the final. It has been done. Shakib Al Hasan said on Saturday, "Now this is my goal. Tiger captain wanted to understand, his eyes were in the trophy

Shakib returned to the semi-final match against Sri Lanka after recovering from injuries Shakib returned The Tigers were changed. The hosts lose to the final Earlier; the captain of W. Walsh lost the first match of the Nidhaus Trophy by chasing 215 runs for the same opponent, led by acting captain Mahmudullah. But the Tigers lost to India in two matches. But before the final, Shakib did not think about them. His goal is only in the title. 'Riyad was the captain, he fulfilled a goal. Maybe my new goal Being a champion is my goal. I cannot say from the beginning that we will be the final or the champion. So the goal is always something like that. '

Bangladesh has added extra confidence before the final of the semifinal match against Sri Lanka in the final. It is believed that Shakib will be working in today's title match, and believes that Shakib is confident that he will play in the title match. "We want to take the confidence of the last game to the final. India is still the best team in the tournament. If we do well against them, we also have to do the best. Hopefully, there will be another thrilling match and we will be in the winning team after the match.

Shakib got the ball back from the injury and saw Shakib But the left-hander could not match himself with the bat himself. But today's title will be ignited in the semi-final match.


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