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Bangla girls’ one step ahead to the title of jockey Cup

Sports Desk March 31, 2018, 14:00:12

  • Bangla girls’ one step ahead to the title of jockey Cup

Bangladesh Under-15 women's football team crashed Malaysia 10-1 in the previous match. The red-green girls who shot Iran 8-1 in their second match at the Junky Cup on Saturday did not cut it. In this tournament, Golam Rabbani Chiton's disciples went very well on the road to the title.

Bangladesh have a great rhythm in the first minute of the match. Teahura Khatun scored the goal He made his second goal in the 13th minute and again gave the team forward. In the 29th minute the scoreline was 3-0 by completing the hat-trick. In the first half, the ball collapsed twice in Iran, Bangladesh In the 32 minutes Annie Magnie found out and found the nets of Shamsunnahar.

The girls of Bangladesh kept the rhythm after the break. In the 63rd minute, Shamsunnahar scored his second and team's sixth goal. Four minutes later he also met the hat-trick.

Magurao was running on the hat-trick after Tahura-Shamsunnahar. Get your second goal in the 77th minute. But in the last 13 minutes did not get a goal, Bangladesh did not have three hat-tricks in one match. Iran's Hasina recovers a goal at the end of the game.

Iran's position in world women's football ranking is 58 And Bangladesh 102 Girls from the back of 44 steps were beaten against the opposition on Saturday. But Tahura Khatun, Shamsunnahar have understood that the ranking is a mathematical number.

Earlier, the girls of Bangladesh started their good start in Malaysia's first match at the Jockey Cup on Friday.

In December last year Bangladesh defeated India in the undefeated championship was unbeaten champion That consistency kept the girls of Red-green girls in two matches of the Jockey Cup held in Hong Kong.

Maria Mandar team will fight against Hong Kong on Sunday in the title match.

Bangladesh goal title in Jockey Cup Golam Rabbani Chiton's disciples are running fast on the way.


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