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Sabbir will surprise the cricketing world

News G Desk 25 April , 2017, 12:32:19

  • Sabbir will surprise the cricketing world

Shabbir Rahman has shown to the cricket world many times how wide his bat can be.

After scoring a 44-ball 44 against Zimbabwe in the inaugural One Day International in 2014, his sharp batting was seen in the 2015 World Cup against Scotland, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe.

He has played so many matches in domestic and international cricket. What is not to mention is that, in the ICC Champions Trophy in England in June, Sabbir wants to showcase his batting skills to the whole world.

He expressed his confidence in the media at the Mirpur Cricket Academy on Sunday, "I can once again show good cricket to the whole world."

Sabbir's preparations are good for keeping ahead of ICC Champions Trophy in June. On the one hand, Dhaka Premier League is in the match, as well as continued personal practice.
The Tiger explosive batsman believes that the Tigers will be confident of taking part in the tournament, in combination with the two, the Tiger explosive batsman.

Sabbir said, "We are giving time to private practice as well as private players of the Dhaka Premier League. On the machine, we're practicing slap. So that we can perform well. We are playing in the Premier League, aiming to increase confidence. "

Meanwhile, the selectors announced the team ahead of the Champions Trophy and hoped to do something good in the tournament, 'Our main goal here is good cricket game.

We can do whatever we can perform according to the team. We have confidence in the way we play, we will do well with any team. "

In the inaugural match of the Champions Trophy on June 1, England hosted England's opposition Sabbir was asked, is it possible to win with the home team?

He said, 'We will play according to the team. Although they are ahead in home conditions. The opponent is not the one to see it. If we can give 100 percent to defeat any team. '

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