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Chile beat portugal to win the semi final

Newsg reporter 29 June , 2017, 17:33:35

  • Chile beat portugal to win the semi final

Dhaka: The big strength of the world football is Chile. After defeating Argentina in the Copa América final last year, they also reminded the Confederations Cup about their presence. On Wednesday night, Ronaldo didn't feature in Portugal's 3-0 defeat in tiebreaker as Chile reached the finals. It was stalemate in the 90 minutes of the game and also in extra time, but the tiebreaker finaly came to life. Bravo detained three consecutive penalty shots and left Portugal frustated with a gallant display.

Portugal: 0 - Chile: 0 (120 minutes)

Tie breaker

Portugal: 0 koresma (save), Motinho (save), nani (save)

Chile: 3 Vidal (goals), Mariano (Goal), Sanjes (Goal)

From the very beginning, the Chilean team created a storm in the 4-3-3 formation. On the other hand, Portugal was in the 4-4-2 formation. But over 120min of football failed to provide any goal. Finally, in the tiebreaker, the Chilean champion goalkeeper Bravo from the beginning denied  Portugal of glory. Ronaldo was stuck in that hand at the end as he was the 5th in line to take the penalty, but his input was not needed to decide the fate of the match.

The first 30min usually as both team looked to settle before showing dazzling display. Since then, both teams have tried to attack with full might and had made several opportunities. But they could not meet the goals at the end. Ronaldo tried, but did not get the chance to fire Portugal in the final as hee could not take the penalty shot due to his teammates' failure. He had to leave the field with his head bowed before Claudio Bravo.

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