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Apple has withdrawn all apps from Iran

Newsg reporter 5 September , 2017, 16:27:58

  • Apple has withdrawn all apps from Iran

Due to US sanctions, Apple has lifted all apps, including snap apps from App Store in Iran. The Tech Giants took the step on Thursday.

Like most, Apple's Ride Sharing App 'Snap App' was very popular in Iran. In addition to the Snap App, Apple has lifted apps from Iran, suppliers, shopping and other services in recent weeks.

In a statement, Apple said, "Apple App Store can not do business with apps or developers in prohibited countries under US sanctions regulations."

Mahindra Tighijadeh, founder of online food delivery service Delionfood, said that he was affected due to his app being removed from the App Store. And that's why he is running a campaign on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Apple has taken such steps due to US sanctions, but US-based technology firm Google has not yet taken any such action in Iran.

It has been reported that about 4.8 million iPhones have been sold in Iran. About 4.7 million citizens of the country are connected with social networking.

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