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Wonderful and interesting information about Mars

Newsg reporter 5 September , 2017, 17:54:19

  • Wonderful and interesting information about Mars

Dhaka: US Space Research Station is going to NASA in connection with human race on Mars. They will send people to Mars in the next decade, the company said.

The car that will be used in the Mars campaign, a few days ago, was taken in New York's C-Air and Space Museum.

Experts say that the person who is going to keep the first leg of the red planet, he is already born between us. He is now 10 to 18 years old. So, the interest of the younger generation is just normal for this little red planet.

Let's now know some interesting and wonderful information about Mars,

1. Mars is the second small planet in the solar system. The diameter of this planet is almost half of our planet. But 70 percent of the earth's surface is waterlogged because its geology is almost equal to Earth.

2. The English name 'Mars' comes from the name of the god of Roman Mythology. Earlier, astronomers called Mars as Red Planet. The two satellites of Mars are Phobos and Daimos. The names of the first two are mentioned in Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels book. But 154 years before the discovery of Mars satellite, the book Galivars Travels was written.

3. Like Earth, there is also the atmosphere-mountains, hills, valleys, deserts and polar ice. From the earth we see the shape of the sun, its half from Mars.

4. Gravitational energy of Mars's surface is about one third of the Earth's surface. That is, if someone weighs 100 kg on earth, then he'll be 38 kg in Mars. In Mars, you can will jump three times higher than the Earth.

5. The largest mountain in the solar system is located in Mars. The mountain name is Olympus Mons, height 21 kilometers. Like Earth, Mars also has a magnetic field.

6. Because Mars's orbital is oval, strong sandstorms are formed on the entire planet for a specific period of the year. Sometimes the storm lasts for more than one month.

7. As the Earth, Mars 667 days once orbit circumambulate the sun. Like the Earth, Mars is also found in the season. But a season of Mars lasts twice as long as the Earth.

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