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What is the new panic?

Newsg reporter 7 September , 2017, 17:17:15

  • What is the new panic?

Dhaka: There was a new panic in the cyber world. The name of the panic is 'Lucky'. The thing is just like getting locked. Ransom is being used using this ransomware similar to Wanakrai. According to a report, about 8 medium-sized farms in Delhi have been attacked by the ransomware.

The ransomware is spreading with e-mails This 'lock' is able to lock any urgent file on the computer. Ransomware claims to have a computer user lock the file and ask ransom.
According to the information provided by the Indian government, a total of 23 million e-mails have been sent to the country. Any documents or multimedia files that are associated with it.
It is a problem that the file is downloaded in the computer! Locks the computer's most important files or folders. And they have to calculate the money to get it back by unlocking them.
But alarms have already been issued on the country's behalf to stop Lucky Ransomware.
It has been said in the alert that caution should be followed by downloading these attachments from e-mail. The organization has been urged to make anti-spam solutions mandatory.

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