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Excessive use of smartphones will damage eyesight

Newsg reporter 9 September , 2017, 14:18:06

  • Excessive use of smartphones will damage eyesight

Dhaka: Smartphone is everywhere from youth to old. Continuous finger touch in the touch screen, messages, video game play, news or photos. The doctors stated that this non-utilitarian use of technology is causing physical problems. Boys and girls from 20 to 35 years of age are suffering from elbows, eyes and neck problems for using additional 'touch' phones. In the last five years, the number of these victims increased by 25 percent.

According to experts, the elbow may be painful when stretching the arm to enhance the extra selfe. Doctors call it 'Selfie Damage'. Due to the use of excessive 'touch' phones, many older finger nerves do not work properly.

Ska Saha, a doctor of India's neurological department, said that neurological problems were also due to the use of additional smartphones. One kind of ray which emits from the phone, are harmful to the nerves of the whole body.

Many people are suffering from neck pain due to constant strain while watchinng long videos or playing games.

Opticians report that, most of the time, due to looking at the bright screen of the mobile phone, more water is prouced in the eyes. This causes headache, and the eyes around it become heavy. Also, the blinking decreases.

This is because, while looking at the screen, the eyeball does not fall under the rule. It increases the risk of blurred vision. Due to this the eyesight may decrease.

According to experts, in this situation many people have to look at mobile for the most part of the day for work. If you look for 20 seconds at 20 feet away every 20 minutes, you will decreast the risk of eye problems.

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