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Huawei's two-in-one flagship 'MetBook' came in the market

Newsg reporter 9 October , 2017, 13:36:44

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Dhaka: Huawei Technologies (Bangladesh) Limited has announced the introduction of a lightweight laptop 'metbook' in Bangladesh market.

The company recently inaugurated the laptop with a stunningly held hotel in a capital city.

It is basically a two-in-one flagship laptop. With the Android Smartphone, it has the advantage of easily communicating with any information-data-drug-and-drop.

Huawei claims that high quality aluminum is used to make the laptop. Powerful Metabut's weight is 640 grams. The Windows 10 operating system used in the metabooka is the seventh-generation Intel Core processor, 16GB DDR4 RAM and 256 GB SolidState Drive (SSD), 1 Terabyte Hard Disk. It uses new technology instead of Cooling fan. The METBOOK contains Dolby Atom's Sound System, Dual Digital Microphone and Dual Speaker Technology.

Huawei authorities say it has created it for competition with Apple's MacBook. In the market of Bangladesh, retail price was not set. The company will sell it wholesale at the beginning.

Huawei Technologies (Bangladesh) Limited Chief Executive Officer Zhao Haofu said, "Meetsbook for professionals. It offers innovative features along with the necessary features.

Ambassador of Bangladesh Huawei Shakib Al Hasan, Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed, State Minister for Information Technology Junaid Ahmed, Deputy Chief of Mission of China Embassy in Shenzhen Shen Wei, Chief Executive Officer of Huawei Enterprise Business Group of Southeast Asia and CEO of Huawei Technologies (Bangladesh) Limited Zhao Haofu also said.

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