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'Falcon Heavy' is ready to go into space

Newsg Desk 4 February , 2018, 13:36:48

  • 'Falcon Heavy' is ready to go into space

Dhaka: SpaceX has confirmed the 'Falcon Heavy' preparation for the first time in space. Earlier, a spokesman for the space station, American company Elon Mask said, "Apollo Launchpad of Cape Kennedy is moving forward from Falcon Heavy's first flight from Feb. 39 to Feb. 6. This launch can be easily seen from outside roads."

A report from the Indian press IANS said that its engine test was successfully conducted on Wednesday for the first time. The engine has been delayed several times before. In a tweet message after some time in the engine test, Mask said, "In a week or a few days" the rocket is ready to launch.

The three Falcon 9 rockets have been made together at Falcon Heve. At the first stage of the rocket, there are 27 Marlin engines in the nine engine cores. It weighs 23 lakh kg, which is equal to 18 Boeing 747 planes.

Earlier Apollo astronauts were sent by Saturn V to the Moon. Falcon Heavy will be the most powerful rocket after Saturn V. Rocket. The most powerful Rocket that is currently in operation will be doubled stronger than the new Falcon Hevy.

Elon Maskarro said that a red tailed Tesla Roadster car will be sent to space in the first experimental launch of the rocket. Several experimental flights will be offered before the start of the commercial mission with the rocket.

Mask also said, "This will be Tesla Roadster as the goods that will operate the 'Space Audi' and the destination will be the Mars Orbit. It will have hundreds of millions of years in deep space if it is not exploded due to above-ground. "

SpaceX said that Falcon Heve was designed to maneuver space and manage the mission of sending astronauts to the moon and Mars.

But the probability that everything will be allocated in the first launch of the rocket is almost zero. Mask himself also said that sometime after launch, Falcon Heavy might explode.

Earlier, in a tweet message, Mask said, "Falcon Heve will be launched from the Apollo 11 launch pad. It has two throws. The way it is seen, it will definitely be exciting. "

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