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Google is keeping eye on wordpress

Newsg Desk 10 February , 2018, 15:03:43

  • Google is keeping eye on wordpress

Dhaka: WordPress is currently the most popular content management system. Its market share is about 59 percent. Almost one-third of the published web content is published through the platform. Google's search giant announced the importance of working together with WordPress.

Google is more focused on how webpage can be loaded more quickly. As part of this, the company has announced a speed update recently. The page load speed is much higher than the update that was implemented from July. Websites that will be preferred in mobile search results

In the meantime, Google launched the mobile-first index, where the mobile version of Google's websites is given more importance. It has been seen from various data that Google is currently seeking more information from mobile devices. In this case, when a website is slow or web pages are not seen properly, then there is adverse experience in the user which has negative impact on site engagement.

In 2015, the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project is launched to help web developers. Google has introduced AMP to make mobile devices more accessible to web pages in a short time.

Google is also working with open source community as well as content platforms to implement new technologies and implement policies. But even then, mobile friendly platforms (AMP) are less interested in web developers.

And so Google's plans to come up with a strategic partnership with WordPress to achieve the goal. At present, at least 29 percent of web pages are made in WordPress. As a result, working with WordPress will make it easier to reach Google's desired goal.

Although WordPress continues to be ahead of security in the beginning, non-wordpress sites are lagging behind in performance. Most performance indicators are ahead of non-wordpress site.

Google's content ecosystem team developer Advocate Alberto Medina said on a blog post about the increase in the number of wordpress engineers working in Google. Google will also work to improve the performance of WordPress as well as other platforms, as well as upgrade the platform ecosystem to timely Google and WordPress.

Although Alberto Medina told to work with the AMP plugin in his post, the ADP may have been added to Wordpress as the core feature of Wordpress.

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