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The World's First Intelligent Sneaker

Newsg Desk 20 February , 2018, 11:24:46

  • The World's First Intelligent Sneaker

Dhaka: The end of the day of the charger-power bank. From now on the shoes will charged the phone. Many times it is such that there are no charges on the phone when it comes out. For such a situation, the University of Wisconsin and the University of Wisconsin Wisconsin have created a device that transforms the movement of humanity into electricity.

According to an international media report, on 16 November 2015, University teacher Tom Crupenkin published an article on this matter. According to him, the heat generated from the energy produced during the movement of man is produced. By using the heat, electricity can also be produced. His assistant was J. Ashley Taylor.

After a variety of tests, he finally discovered a type of shoes, which would later be made of electricity. Using the electricity can be used to charge mobile laptops, etc.

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