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Teacher fails at student exam

Newsg reporter 12 October , 2017, 16:19:57

  • Teacher fails at student exam

Dhaka: Teachers are asked to give test to their question papers for student! Teachers of Nigerian primary school have been facing public provocation. Recently, there were incidents of shameful failure of teachers in the question paper examination for six year old students. News BBC

Students from primary schools of northern Kaduna, Nigeria, have to be examined in question papers for the students.

In this examination two-thirds of the total teachers, 21 hajj 780, 75 percent or more were not found.

Due to not proving the desired quality, instead of excluding these teachers, the decision to appoint 25,000 new teachers instead of the state authority

State Governor Nasir El Roufai told a meeting with the World Bank's representatives in the state capital Kaduna.

He said that the administration is working to control teachers as well as new teachers as well as teachers and students in different parts of the state.

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