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Cat looks like human

Newsg reporter 19 October , 2017, 13:19:50

  • Cat looks like human

Dhaka: The present scenario looks like a strange picture that comes to mind when it comes to the first or the fact that Photoshop! Recently, a picture was found to be viral in the social media. And that is the face of a cat, the face of man. And the picture of social media has started to scream.

The film, circulating in social media for days, according to the news published in the International Media Mirror. Even in some places its video has been released. They were told that such a strange animal has been found in Malaysia. It's going to show in the picture, its physical structure is like a cats. There are four legs, one leg. Again the face is like a human baby. But whether or not this diverse creature really exists, it is still in smoke. Just brushing down Photoshop, many people say. Those who watched the video, they can not even completely disbelieve.

However, the claims of Malaysia Police are not true. The picture downloaded from the Internet has been spread through naturopathy with a little bit of a stir, only to create a stir. There is no such animal in their hands yet. Police said they did not have any such pictures.

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