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Catalonia is part Spain: King Philip

Newsg reporter 21 October , 2017, 12:45:31

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Dhaka: King Philip VI of Spain said that Catalan is part of Spain.

King of Spain commented for a second time in the event of a series of questions on the independence of Catalan in Spain.

King of Spain said in an award ceremony in the city of Oviedo in northern Spain, the Catalan government is trying to create a crack in Spain. But Spain will solve this crisis through the Spanish democratic institutions.

King Philip said that no future can be created by cracking a democratic framework and no project of development or release is properly implemented.

The leaders of the Catalan community are threatening to declare independence. But Madrid is planning to direct rule in response to this threat.

The country's Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy is going to give a complete and detailed announcement of what Spain is going to do about Catalan.

The central government says they will issue Section 155 of the Constitution. Direct rule was issued in accordance with this section.

On October 1, a controversial referendum was held on the question of independence of Catalan. About 90 percent of the voters voted in favor of independence.

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