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Bush-Obama worried about American politics

Newsg reporter 22 October , 2017, 15:53:20

  • Bush-Obama worried about American politics

Dhaka: According to tradition, former US presidents never criticize or make negative comments about the current president. But the current situation in the US could not remain silent with former President Barack Obama and George W. Bush. Despite not directly criticizing  the American President Donald Trump they have hinted.

Obama said in a Democratic campaign in New Jersey on Thursday that American citizens should send the message to the world that we have rejected the politics of division and fear.

He said, we are now behind the kind of politics we have left behind. It's not the 21st century, the nineteenth century. But the current political situation is 50 years ago.

Just a few hours before Obama's speech, in a speech in New York, George W. Bush said that the support of politics is particularly lacking among young people. Politics is becoming weaker in conspiracy theories The power of divide increased by the strength of the unity.

He also said that there are some signs of democracy pushing him into death.

Donald Trump criticized Barack Obama and W. Bush for the last year's election. He also mentioned them as the worst president in American history.

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