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North Korea will have dealt

Newsg reporter 23 October , 2017, 11:52:04

  • North Korea will have dealt

Dhaka: Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has expressed confidence that North Korea will be "strictly dealt". He announced that after winning the election held in Japan on Sunday.

Abbey said that because of the challenges ahead in Japan, it required a strong mandate from the public to take a tough position on them. To take that mandate, he organized a parliament election a year before the scheduled time.

Abbey said that one of the challenges ahead of Japan is the growing threat from North Korea.

North Korea has carried out two-point missile tests over the northern Hokkaido island of Japan in the last few months. Tokyo denounced the incident as a violation of the country's sovereignty, and warned Pyongyang about its recurrence.

In the informal results of Sunday's elections, Prime Minister Abe's political party Liberal Democratic Party has managed to hold two-thirds majority in the parliament.

Shinzo Abe wants to prepare his country's army for the war. But in 1947, the system was not kept in the constitution made by US occupiers. After the second world war, the 9th paragraph of the 'peace-loving' constitution did not permit Japan's army to fight against other countries. But Prime Minister Abe wants to change this section of the constitution. Analysts believe that the victory of his party will give him the opportunity.

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