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US largest aircraft carrier in Korea

Newsg reporter 23 October , 2017, 13:41:36

  • US largest aircraft carrier in Korea

Dhaka: USS Ronald Reagan, the US largest carrier, rammed into the Busan port of South Korea. At the end of the week-long joint military exercise with South Korea, the Biman nuclear power-powered carrier, with more than one hundred thousand tons of warheads,

The US Strike Group, led by USS Ronald Reagan, has a number of warships, including guided missile destroyers.

The ongoing tensions with Pyongyang have also been heightened due to the United States and South Korea joint exercises. The US military has claimed that the exercise has been conducted to strengthen joint defense. Fighter jets, helicopters with warships and submarines took part in the exercise.

Meanwhile, it is known that the people of Busan opposed it instead of welcoming the US fleet.

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