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14 killed in militant attack in Yemen

Newsg Desk 25 February , 2018, 14:17:45

  • 14 killed in militant attack in Yemen

The militants targeted the main office of Yemen's southern region of Eden anti-terrorism unit or 'counter terrorism unit' Saturday's suicide car bombings and gun attacks reported that 14 people were killed. More than 40 people were injured.

In this regard, the security sources told Reuters, that two militants carried out a suicide explosion after entering the camp, triggering a suicide explosion, with six gunmen attacking the camp. Besides, the security forces shot them dead and their bodies were taken to a military hospital, Reuters reported.

Meanwhile, Islamic State (IS) has claimed responsibility for the attack in the southwestern part of the southwestern part of Aden. In a statement given to me by my message agency, the attack on the headquarters of the “IS” is called the 'Martyrdom Campaign'.

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