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Megan Markel criticized for in appropriate dress

Newsg Desk 25 April , 2018, 16:00:13

  • Megan Markel criticized for in appropriate dress

Hours after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge joyously welcomed their new son, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made an appearance Monday at a more somber event in London, at which the former actress is now being slammed for her look.

At St. Martin-in-the-Fields church, the engaged pair stepped out hand in hand for the memorial service of Stephen Lawrence, an 18-year-old British black man murdered in a racially-charged attack 25 years ago, People reports.

The future royal sported a sleeveless, black, printed V-neck dress from Hugo Boss, cinched with a belt and paired with her signature bun, a clutch and nude pumps.

At the event, the couple spoke with Lawrence’s mother, and Prince Harry gave a speech on behalf of Prince Charles. British Prime Minister Theresa May was also in attendance, and sat next to Markle.

While Vogue notes that the duo's sheer presence at the Lawrence memorial could mark a “watershed moment for the royal family, which has, traditionally, discouraged its members from publicly expressing their own political views,” style critics nevertheless denounced Markle as being less than dressed for the occasion.


“It's a memorial service for a murder victim. In a church. Is it too much to ask of Rachel to cover up with a jacket, wear stockings, sort out that messy hair for once and stop the holding hands!” one commentator scolded her by the name of her "Suits" character, which is also Markle's given name.

“Someone needs a lesson in some decorum. Good grief,” another said of the "inappropriate" outfit.

Others, meanwhile, were more forgiving.

“Give her time, she is still learning. We know it should have been a suit or a dress with a collar and sleeves. She is a fashionista of the mod world,” a supporter defended.

All opinions aside, all eyes will unquestionably be on Markle as she ties the knot with her prince at St. George’s Chapel on May 19.


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