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India’s new education policy

Newsg Desk 6 May , 2018, 18:29:54

  • India’s new education policy

Language is very important for any society and the country, and the New Education Policy which is being formulated will give Hindi its due importance, Union Minister of State for HRD, Satya Pal Singh, said on Friday.

"When the education policy came in 1835, Lord Macualay had said that India's people will remain Indians in their looks and blood but their thinking will be Birtish. Whenever we escalate talks about working for the mother tongue, things don't move forward," he said here while addressing the gathering at an award function at the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE).

"Who were the leaders in the country who did not let Hindi get its importance? Soon, a new education policy is coming. It is very unfortunate that people think low of themselves if they don't know English. Like you can't change your mother, you can't change your language also," he said.

During the event, awards were presented to the authors of best books in technical education published in Hindi.


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