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Who will save America

নিউজজি ডেস্ক 6 May , 2018, 18:30:50

  • Who will save America

Michelle Obama urged women not to expect a miracle candidate to "save" America on Saturday, indicating again she has no plans to run for president as some have speculated.

The former first lady, 54, was greeted like a rock star at a conference called the United State of Women Summit, with an audience of some 5,000 people in Los Angeles, almost all women.

"It doesn't matter who runs," she said, urging women to act for women's empowerment wherever they can -- including at home and in the workplace.

"We don't wait for the one person to save us. We voted for Barack Obama and he didn't end racism," she said.

Obama also paid tribute to young Americans who have risen up against gun violence following the Valentine's Day shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida that left 17 students and staffers dead.


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