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Dwijen Sharma's funeral on Sunday

Newsg reporter 19 September , 2017, 17:18:20

  • Dwijen Sharma\'s funeral on Sunday

Writers and natural scientists Dwijen Sharma's funeral will be held on Sunday. His funeral will be completed at the Rajbagh crematorium in the capital's Sabujbagh Police Station. At 10am, the body of naturalist Dwijen Sharma was taken to the Bangla Academy premises. After giving respect, the body was taken to the central Shaheed Minar premises at 11:15 am.
After 12.30 pm, the body was taken for some time after paying tribute to the deceased's long workplace at Notre Dame College. He was a teacher of that college. After the tribute, Dwijen Sharman's family came to know that his funeral will be completed in the cremation grounds of Rajbagh Barendhabari Kali temple in the capital.

Dwijen Sharma left the last breath at the age of 88 capital's Square Hospital on Thursday at 3:50 pm.
Dwijen Sharma was born on 29 May 1929 in Shimulia village of Barlekha thana of Sylhet division. After graduation from Calcutta City College, he graduated in Botany from Dhaka University. He worked as a Botany teacher at Karimganj College, BM College and Notre Dame College. After about 20 years of publication in Moscow Progress Then joined the Bangladesh Asiatic Society in Bangladesh.

Because of love and writing for nature and plantation, Dwijen Sharma is termed as 'nisargasakha'. He has been awarded the Bangla Academy Literary Award, State Ekushey Padak.

Shyamma's letter 'Shyamoli Nisarg' was written by Dwijen about plants and nature. Apart from this, his book includes 'Tree of Bengal', 'classification of flowering plants', 'flowers like chaat', 'tree flower talk', 'dummant girl named ami', 'creation of a landscape and aesthetic thought', 'living in socialism' , 'Life does not end', 'science and education: commitment to liability', 'Darwin and origin of species', 'travel to beagal passenger', 'gahan no forest side' etc.

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