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Anindya's 'Abdul Jabbar Proyan Sankha' published

Newsg reporter 21 September , 2017, 15:26:14

  • Anindya\'s \'Abdul Jabbar Proyan Sankha\' published

Recently, singer-songwriter Abdul Jabbar has left the earth in a sea of ​​mourning. In his respect to his memory, the small paper of art and literature has been declared uninterrupted 'Abdul Jabbar Proyan Sankha'.

Song, Poetry, and Prologis are released in memory of Abdul Jabbar, the late actor, on September-3017, Ashin 1424.

This special number of Habib Wahid has been priced at Tk 70. For the colorful and aesthetic caliber, the number has already attracted people of literature and culture.

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