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IUB celebrates Pahela Baishakh 1424

 27 April , 2017, 13:45:42

  • IUB celebrates Pahela Baishakh 1424

DHAKA: Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) celebrated “Pahela Baishakh 1424”at its own campus in Bashudhara, Dhaka on April 14, 2017 by implementing various colorful events. 

Welcoming the Bengali New Year, the Division of Students Affairs (DoSA), IUB, organized activities that include traditional songs and musicy, traditional dance and band music. Kiosks of traditional Bangla foods, soft drinks, typical Pahela Baishakh dress materials and various show pieces were available while celebrating sheer joy and delights of the day. The whole campus went onto an absolute festive mode with so many paintings and banners and other captivating items and logistics.

The program began with the ‘baishakhi song’ titled “Esho Hey Baishakh Esho Esho” followed by other traditional songs sung by the students of the University. Traditional baishakhi dances were performed by IUB students; modern bangla and band songs also captivated the audience.

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