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Poet Belal Chowdhury is ill

Newsg reporter 30 August , 2017, 17:40:51

  • Poet Belal Chowdhury is ill

Being ill, Ekushey Padak winner poet Belal Chowdhury is undergoing treatment at Anwara Khan Modern Hospital, Dhanmondi. He's not talking yet. His condition remains unchanged, said duty doctor. He is under constant supervision. A four-member medical board was formed under the leadership of Feroze Ahmed Quraishi.

Kabir's eldest son Abdullah Pratik Chowdhury said that he was admitted to the hospital on Wednesday as his physical condition deteriorated. He's not talking. The doctors kept him under observation.
Family sources said that Belal Chowdhury had kidney problems. He is suffering from 'sefticemia' due to urinary tract infections. Besides, there is a problem with high blood pressure and diabetes.

Belal Chowdhury also has a reputation as journalist, essayist and translator. He was awarded Ekushey Padak in 2014 for his literary contribution. He also received Bangla Academy Literary Award. Belal Chowdhury was born on 12 November 1938 in the village of Sharsdi in Feni upazila.

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