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Sports Deputy Minister Joy attacked in London

Newsg Reporter 21 April , 2018, 14:47:09

  • Sports Deputy Minister Joy attacked in London

LONDON: Bangladesh's sports minister Arif Khan Joy has been attacked in London. This incident happened in front of the second Queen Elizabeth Conferencing Center in Westminster area on Wednesday afternoon.

At that time, the United Kingdom Branch BNP activists were protesting there. The deputy minister was attacked from that protest. Local police arrested two people in the incident.

Some of the episodes of the video have spread to social media on Facebook. It is seen that some BNP leaders and activists are trying to protect from the attack surrounding the deputy minister. They are trying to remove the attackers. Later some BNP activists defended the central Juba League leader.

Many eyewitnesses said that Deputy Minister Arif Khan Joy was heading towards the Commonwealth summit ground, walking through the BNP protests. At the time, the BNP's protest was criticized for her comments. At one stage, some of the people were humiliating Deputy Minister. Arif Khan ran and took shelter in front of Barclays Bank next to the nearby.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is currently in London to attend the Commonwealth summit.

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