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UP chairman Shibli protested the published news

Newsg Reporter 29 January , 2018, 12:26:50

  • UP chairman Shibli protested the published news

Sylhet: Shibli Ahmed Beg, chairman of Jagdal Union of Dinai upazila, protested against the irregularities, corruption and fraud allegation against the Deputy Chairman of Shibli Beg in a nomination paper on Friday.

He said that the news published in the headlines is against the false, baseless, fabricated, and motivated news of anger, condemnation, and intense protests. A defeated corrupt conspiracy has given the complaint. The complainant does not live in one area, another identified criminal

It has been mentioned in the complaint that more than one PIC has been made in the name of cousin and faufatu brother. Their names are not in any PIC committee, VGF rice, distribution of money and irregularities in any project. In order to tarnish my reputation a group has published the news by providing false information. The news published in that headlines is false, baseless, fabricated.

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