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Finance minister is thinking of paying a pension to 16 crore people

Newsg Reporter 1 February , 2018, 14:10:24

  • Finance minister is thinking of paying a pension to 16 crore people

Dhaka: Finance Minister Abul Maal Abdul Muhith is thinking about the pension of 16 million people in the country under the "National Pension System". He will also give a framework for this in the next budget, he said.

He said that, under the National Pension System, we can think of whether the country's 16 million people can be given the pension. In the coming budget I will give an outline of this.

In a function organized at the Ministry of Finance's Ministry on the occasion of inauguration of the bank account deposited by the former government officials on pension online in the Secretariat on Thursday (February 1st), the Finance Minister said.

In the program, the Finance Minister inaugurated the activities of sending 97 former officials of the ministry to the pension bank account. Immediately the message of the money deposited on the mobile phone of the employees is gone. As a result of this process, the officials will not have to travel to the AG office or any other office in order to collect the money from the pensioners, their money will be deposited directly into the bank account.

The Finance Minister said, today I am very happy and cheerful. There is a qualitative change in the pension system of Bangladesh. Nobody will have to worry about getting a pension from now on. In total, six lakh 57 thousand 212 pensioners will be covered under this facility.

Former 97 officials of the Ministry of Finance were present in the meeting - former cabinet secretary HT Imam, former finance secretary Zakir Ahmed Khan, Siddiqur Rahman, former chief accountant Lutful Majid.

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