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Ershad convenes an emergency presidium meeting

Newsg Reporter 4 February , 2018, 15:53:58

  • Ershad convenes an emergency presidium meeting

Dhaka: Jatiya Party (JP) chairman HM Ershad has called an emergency presidium meeting. On Monday, Ershad called on this meeting at his Banani office.

Japan Secretary General ABM Ruhul Amin Howlader said that the country's politics is in hot air. The chairman of the party called the presidium meeting urgently to discuss the present situation, possible speculation in the coming days and discussing the upcoming eleven parliamentary elections. Presidium members like to give their views on the activities and strategies of Japan. Based on that, the next strategy of the team will be determined.

Talking to several leaders of Japan, JAPA has been keeping an eye on the verdict of the BNP Chairperson's case and its movement around the movement. Whereas the situation can take advantage of how Japan can take advantage, it is preferred. If BNP is taking part in the election then the team will take a kind of strategy, and if the BNP boycott the election, the strategy of the party will be different. However, there is a clear position for the election in the existing constitution.

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