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Paying tributes to the martyrs of the Pilkhana Tragedy

Newsg Reporter 25 February , 2018, 13:30:39

  • Paying tributes to the martyrs of the Pilkhana Tragedy

Dhaka: Today tragic day of Peelkhana. The tribunal has paid tribute to the soldiers killed in BDR mutiny. On behalf of the President and the Prime Minister, their military secretary, home minister, chief of the three forces, BGB Director General and respected martyred Army officers paid tribute to the martyrs at Banani's military graveyard.

On Sunday morning, the tribute was given by placing wreaths at the grave of the dead. After this, one minute silence was followed by respect for the martyrs.

The President's grave at the grave at the military graveyard at Banani. On behalf of Abdul Hamid, his assistant military secretary Brigadier General Kazi Iftekharul Alam pledged wreaths. After this, his military secretary Major General Mia Mohammad Zainul Abedin placed wreaths on behalf of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal, Chief of Army Staff Abu Belal Mohammad Shafiul Haque, Navy Chief Admiral Nizamuddin Ahmed, Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Abu Esrar, Border Guard Bangladesh Director General (BGB) Major General Abul Hossain and former President Hussein Muhammad Ershad pledged wreaths.

Afterwards, they prayed for their forgiveness of their souls. After this, members of their family paid tribute. Besides placing wreaths at the grave of the dead, the Qur'an account was arranged in the central mosque of the cantonments on Sunday, and arrangements for the Milad Mahfil and special prayers were made to pray for their souls seeking forgiveness.

During the uprising in Peelkhana on February 25 and 26, 2009, 74 people including 57 army officers were brutally killed. In this incident two cases were filed in the capital's Lalbagh Police Station and under the Explosive Act.

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