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'Russia's attack will bring disaster to humanity

Newsg Desk 8 March , 2018, 14:39:43

  • 'Russia's attack will bring disaster to humanity

If someone tries to attack Russia, then an answer from Moscow will be such that the disasters will fall for human civilization. Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned so Putin warned in an interview with Russia's state television on Wednesday.

He said "If anyone decides to destroy Russia, then the legal right of our counter-attack will come and this means that there will be disasters for human civilization worldwide. But as a Russian citizen and as president of Russia, I want to know - what kind of world would be if Russia did not exist? "

Putin made it clear that Moscow would not attack any other country with Moscow nuclear weapons if it was not attacked by nuclear attacks. "It will only take the decision of the nuclear attack only when our warning system will not only make the enemy's missile, but when the enemy can accurately identify the missile's path and the nuclear warhead will reach the Russian territory."

A week earlier, President Putin said in his annual 'Union of the State' speech that if anyone attacks Russia, Russia will also respond with counter-nuclear weapons. He also said that Moscow will be attacked with the size and power of nuclear weapons, Moscow will attack with that size and with very powerful weapons.


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