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Rohingya infiltration is increasing in India

Newsg Desk 21 April , 2018, 17:24:55

  • Rohingya infiltration is increasing in India

Dhaka: The incidence of Rohingyas entering India is increasing. Myanmar's Rohingya people are entering illegally from Bangladesh through the northeast border of the country. Indian broadcaster NDTV told about the arrest of 18 Rohingyas from a bus leaving Guwahati in Assam on Thursday.

It has been said that at least five of the Rohingyas residing in refugee camps of Bangladesh have received ID card issued by the UN refugee agency.

According to the NDT news, Tripura police detained the Rohingyas from Delhi to Khulai from Khulai district, Tripura Police. Among the detainees, there are 11 men, three women and four children. According to their initial interrogation, the Tripura police said that these Rohingyas lived in Bangladesh's Rohingya camp. Like many other Rohingyas, they also entered India through the Sonamu border of Tripura's sepahzala district.

In August last year, the Myanmar army strengthened the Rohingyas in Rakhine state, strengthened violence, and took refuge in Bangladesh, about seven lakh Rohingyas. At the same time, the ruling BJP government took the initiative to expel the Rohingyas already living in India.

In September last year, the State Minister of State for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju has asked all the state governments to identify the illegal infiltrators including the Rohingya and take them out of the country. Later on the country's Supreme Court went to the Rohingya resident there. The process that has been stuck in the Supreme Court intervention.

Home Minister Rajnath Singh warned the North East states that Rohingyas can illegally enter India through border of these states, Rohingya illegally may enter India. Human traffickers are trying to send Rohingyaas to India and other countries using India-Bangladesh and India-Myanmar border, government officials have quoted NDTV as saying.

The arrest of Rohingya in Tripura is not the first time this year. On January 14, 6 Rohingyas were arrested from Dharmanagar le station of North Tripura. On November 29 last year, more than 8 Rohingyas from Khayarpur Market area of ​​West Tripura.

According to the sources, NDTV said India has formed a joint team comprising the Police and Crime Investigation Division (CID) to prevent Rohingya entry from India-Myanmar border. District Superintendent of Police Ibomchha Singh is leading the team.

In the interrogation Rohingya gave amazing information about leaving their country. According to the CID sources, the NDTV said that the agents contacted the three Rohingya men detained. First they were brought to Bangladesh with a proposal to work in Malaysia. Three days they were there.

They give about 22 million kayats (Myanmar coins) to the agent to go to Malaysia with family. From Bangladesh, they entered India through the Sonamura border. They stayed in Agartala one day and reached Imphal via Guwahati and Dimapur.

The source told the NDTV, they were asked to go to Lilang in their Muslim Manipuri tribe from the Imphal. There they were five days. After that, their border was brought to the city of Mori. They were kept there for more than three days.


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