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Razzak's biography coming to book fair

Newsg reporter 8 September , 2017, 14:07:48

  • Razzak\'s biography coming to book fair

Screenwriter and talent director Chotku Ahmed is writing a book about the colorful life of the legendary actor Naykoraj Razzak of Bangladeshi film. The book has been named 'Naykoraj Razzak: 'Tangail theke Tollywood'.

This book will be published around the Ekushey book fair next day. The book will be the attraction of the book fair in February. The agreement with the publishing authority has been finalized, said Chotku Ahmed.

Regarding this, he said, "We have many things to learn from Razzak's life. Besides, the life of Razzak will remain a pilgrimage for the new generation. I want to write the book from that thought. Razzak Sir did the work of the living. Already a lot has been written. '

Chattaku Ahmed said that the book is being written by mixing literature with the biographies of the children, childhood, rise and the political situation of that era. In expressing this biography, Razzak's three sons Bapparaj, Bappi and Shomrat have given full support for the release of this biography.

It is to be noted that in addition to his first film 'Natabu' directed by Chhakku Ahmed, he performed in three other films produced from his family production, Nayakraj Razzak.

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