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Sheikh Hasina's written book will be published in three languages

Newsg reporter 11 September , 2017, 17:04:15

  • Sheikh Hasina\'s written book will be published in three languages

The book 'Sheikh Mujib My Father' written by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will be published simultaneously in English, Hindi and German. The English edition of the book will be released by next publication. The Hindi version by a publishing company in Kolkata and a German publishing company in Germany. According to the information, Osman Gani, the owner of the next publication

She said that the next edition of the book will be published in English version of 'Sheikh Mujib My Father'. The English translation work is going on. Besides, the translation work process has been started in Hindi and German.

The book was first published in Bangla in 1999 in Kolkata Book Fair. Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the book fair of Kolkata at that time. The publication of the book, published by the Kolkata publishing company 'Sahityaam Publications'

Later in February 2015, the first edition of the book was published in the Amar Ekushey Book Fair from the next publication. Since then, there are seven versions of the book due to its widespread demand. The latest version is in the book fair in the year 2017. Artist Shahabuddin Ahmed covered the cover of the 114 page book.

The book has five chapters. Wrote the role in the first chapter. Rafiqul Islam and Proposition Written by Partha Ghosh In the second chapter, Sheikh Mujib is my father, Bangabandhu and his army, the worst murder in history. Third chapter There are three articles written by Abdul Matin Chowdhury, Begum Jahanara Imam and Noor Hossain.

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