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The allegations of stall allotment of book in the book fair

Newsg Reporter 11 January , 2018, 18:43:44

  • The allegations of stall allotment of book in the book fair

Some publishing companies have alleged irregularities in the allocation of the stall allotment of the upcoming Ekushey bookstall, organized by Bangla Academy. On Tuesday, the publication of the publishing house Behul Bangla, Megh and Tapurupur complained about the irregularities in the press conference at the Bangarpara Concord Emporium of the city's Kantaban.

The stall has not been allocated due to the rules to take part in the Amar Ekushey Book Fair. The publication of these publications - Due to the allotment of stalls through the syndicate, many organizations outside and outside of the syndicate have been deprived of the benefit of the larger institutions.

Publisher Publishers have demanded to review the stall distribution within 11 January. Otherwise, on 13 January, the Prime Minister announced that the memorandum would be given to them.

Chandan Chowdhury said, "The number of pavilions increased from 11 to 25 in the fair where the youth-based publications are not getting the stall unit properly. If there is no room to increase the new stall, how do 25 pavilions have been made?

Tapurtupur publishing publisher complained, "Tapanurupur children's publication. This publisher has more than half a million books. In spite of having the book of the famous fictional Imdadul Haque Milon, Mahadev Saha, Akhtar Hussein, the stall was not given to Tapurtupur.

Chandan Chowdhury, proprietor of Behul Bangla publication said, "Behulaba Bangla publishing more than 150 books this year. Where the whole article on the subject of Humayum Majumdar, Moin Chowdhury's essay on philosophy, the interview of Nirmalendu Gunus, there are thousands of pages as well as the entire book. As well as publishing books all year, we published 83 books only in the year 2017. But despite the publication of such books, a unit stall was allocated. It will be difficult to maintain the book in stalls. '

Denying the allegation of irregularities, Bangla Academy director and Mela organizing committee member secretary Dr. Jalal Ahmed said, "The Organizing Committee has given stall to the worthy publication considering the trial. If one is not satisfied with getting one unit, wants three units, there is nothing to say in that case. Where to get one unit is a lot of trouble.

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