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Poet Zahid kazi's birthday

Newsg reporter 18 July , 2017, 17:42:35

  • Poet Zahid kazi\'s birthday

Poet, writer and journalist Zahid Kazi's birthday is today(July 3). This poet was born on 3 July 1984 in the village of Hajipara, West Chhapharati, Gaibandha district. He graduated in Economics from Carmichael College in 2010. He started writing started from early childhood and had done more than ten courses on writing.

At the end of the nineties, his journalism career started. For more than one era he has worked in various newspapers like Daily Shitalakshya, Daily Saif, Daily Prathash Khabar. In February 2014, he joined as a reporter for Radio Amar. Presently he is working at Newsg In addition to his 7 single books, there are a number of joint publications.

The young poet also worked as a editor is a literary journal named 'Bakko'

For his special contribution in writing, he received 'Sahitya Puroshkar 2013', 'Rangdhunu Chharkar Samarpan-2016', and 'Shaheed Intellectuals Memorial Medal of 2017'

Newsgroup family wishes this young poet a great and prosperous birthday.

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