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Coming the compilation of love poems Sumanda

Newsg reporter 27 July , 2017, 18:04:07

  • Coming the compilation of love poems Sumanda

'Sumanda' is the poetry collection of love going to get published in Ketan Shaikh. Sheikh Rana's aesthetic cover reveals it. The book will be published on July 28, 2017.

The 50 poets of the selected ten poets have been arranged with the poem 'Sumand'. The poets of Sumand are Tania Noor, Nadia Jannat, Gazi Nishad, Kaushik Azad Romance, Farzana Kader, Baraa Ahmed, M. At Siddiqui Bappi, Ayon Abdullah, Ruma Chowdhury and Ketan Sheikh.

About the publication of 'Sumanda', poet and editor Ketan Sheikh said, 'I am fascinated by the poetry of the whole year. Their love interest, vocabulary and poetry are called 'Sumanda'. They are brilliant in youth, lively, and well-publicized in poetry. I am grateful to them, and I am convinced that their poems, written in Sumanda, will get much more readiness. '

He said, 'Everyone lives like a poet. Nobody publishes a poem and poems by anyone, and none. Do not write poetry, but think about it. We love the thoughts of our mind-poet more than our own thoughts. Our eternal love with that mind-poet. That love is pure, transparent, and absolute. There is no comparison of love of poetry with any other mortal love. I am grateful to the publishers for publishing Sumand.'

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