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Babui will award child-literary manuscript award

Newsg reporter 30 July , 2017, 15:43:08

  • Babui will award child-literary manuscript award

Child-adolescent publishing company 'Babui' is going to launch 'Children's Literature Manuscript Award'. On this occasion, the organizers have called the manuscript for basic literary work for children in Bengali and English. Authors can send a manuscript of children's stories, group stories, novels, science fiction, horoscope, romance novels, rhyme, essays and research.

This award will be given for basic writing in 5 sections suitable for children's education. The renowned writers of the country will be responsible for organizing this competition. In order to participate in 'Babui Shishu Sahitya Manuscriptipa 2017', you have to send the written statement on 30 September, 2017.

Babui's proprietor Kader Babu said, "Our arrangements are in the effort to bring the basic literary works suitable for children's education. This initiative is an opportunity for those who write well but can not publish the book. "

He said, "You can take part in any literary organized in Bangladesh or abroad." After the manuscript selection in the initial stage, the book will be published by contracting with Babui. The following colorful formalities will be given to the writers, crests, honors and writers honor.

But the author has to give assurance about the basic creation of the manuscript. Compose Manuscript and send in the form of mail or print form by posting the author's cellphone number along with this address - Babui, 23/3 Topkhana Road, Dhaka-1000. Email:

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